Stretch Communication

Issues and Crisis Management

When you have an emerging problem...

Issues management 

Having spent much of my career to date in the energy sector, I excel at issues and crisis management. When issues management is done well, the need for crisis management is often avoided.

My issues management work is most often assisting clients through individual problems. I have also, however, helped larger corporate clients to build comprehensive issues management systems, that track emerging issues, define the process for setting issue strategies, determine messaging and approach, and clarify who is the "owner" of each issue facing the organization.  

Crisis management 

My crisis communications experience spans operational incidents, a natural disaster, a fatality, a public health scare, an evacuation, a case of financial malpractice, unexpected CEO departures, bankruptcies and ethical breaches. I can assist quickly with triage and strategic counsel, and assist you with finding and/or leading the larger team you will need in the event of a major emergency.