Stretch Communication


Finding the words

Corporate writing

My single greatest skill is corporate writing in a readable, human voice. I excel at writing corporate stories (actual stories, as well as the key messages that are often mistaken for stories), press releases, website copy, speeches and presentations, and even financial disclosure.

My prose will always be clear, pleasant to read and seldom boring (admittedly, my financial disclosure writing is often boring). I understand the need for precision and truth in all corporate writing, from the advertisement to the prospectus. I loathe jargon, so I turn the "synergistic innovative integration" into the "profitable new approach".

Core story and branding

I love to help organizations craft their core story and elevator pitch. It is amazing how often a problem of disengaged employees or disinterested investors turns out to be a communications gap – an organization that has failed to articulate its purpose and reason for being in a compelling and memorable story.  

Once we have found the language to tell your story, I can help you find the right person or people to build your brand and visual identity. I am a creative person by nature with a decent eye for design, but in no way a designer.   

Financial communications

Having headed the investor relations function in-house and served as an external investor relations consultant to several organizations, I have a great deal of experience articulating value propositions, steering organizations through contentious transactions, writing disclosure material and presentations, and conducting investor perception audits.

I particularly enjoy the storytelling component of investor relations – finding the right language to explain a complex business or to bring dry financial material to life, while staying true to ethical disclosure principles and practices.