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When your story isn't getting through

I launched Stretch Communication following a successful 25-year agency, corporate and government career. Running my own business enables me to focus on my favourite aspect of consulting, which is working directly with clients on difficult and multi-faceted problems.

Whether your organization is a start-up trying to articulate a complex story, or a large company struggling with a key stakeholder group, I can help. I bring a unique depth and breadth of perspective on how public opinion is formed in our digital world. I assist organizations to shape opinion and change behaviours in a way that is authentic to their brands and histories.

Having lived half my life in Edmonton and the other half in Calgary (with an Ottawa interruption in between), I am a proud Albertan, often conflicted in playoff season.




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Services Summary

strategic counsel

When you know you have a public relations or marketing need, but you don't know where to start, give me a call. Once we figure out the problem and the plan, I can assist you to find any specialist support you need to implement it. 

stakeholder relations

Are you planning to build something new and finding a NIMBY reaction? Are you seeing public concern that is completely out of proportion to the issue at hand? With breadth and depth in the energy industry, I have learned from both successes and failures. 


media relations

In an era of shrinking newsrooms, media relations is a more strategic function than ever before. Whether you are seeking coverage for your story or trying to re-frame a media narrative that is causing you harm, I can help. 


Any good writer can turn your technical material into solid prose. But will anyone read it? Using story archetypes and a deep love of words, I can help you connect with your audience in words that feel natural to you and true to your brand.

issues and crisis management

When issues management is done well, the need for crisis communications is often averted. If you think you may have a problem, call right away. While people are drawn to disaster headlines, they also love recovery and rebirth stories. 

investor relations

Are investors failing to appreciate your value proposition? It's possible that you have lost the storyline in all the charts and graphs. I bring years of public company experience and a clear-eyed view of the forest, not only the trees. 


Suit the action to the word, the word to the action.
— William Shakespeare